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SADDLE-STITCH with fewer pages!

This is a method of creating a booklet by creating a double page sheet and stitching the pages together through the center fold. Saddle stitching allows the booklet to open flat but can only be done through a maximum thickness. When the booklet is too thick for saddle stitching, a different stitch must be used. Saddle stitching is done with binding wire (or "saddle" wire).

Common Uses Include: Booklets, Comic Books, Coloring Books, Cook Books, Membership Directories, Product Catalogs, Calendars, Reports, Service Manuals, Instruction Booklets, and Company Brochures are saddled-stitched for a more professional and finished look (versus a single or two staple method on the top of a stack of paper). Saddle Stitch presents a finished look.


PERFECT BIND for a "published" look!
This involves binding a book or magazine with adhesive. Pages are collated into a stack, the cover is then wrapped around the stack and glued to the page spine. Used mainly for paperbacks, its durability lies often in the quality and amount of adhesive used. Perfect Binding is often used to present a quality image. Used also with high page counts. Often preferred when binding print for Magazines, Journals, Paperbacks, Product Catalogs and Gift Books.

Common Uses Include: Publications, Magazines, Technical Guides, Manuals, Large Product Catalogs, Telephone Books, Reports, Service Manuals, Training Books, Novels, Memoirs, Art Books, Photo Albums, Travel Guides, and Children's Books are commonly Perfect Bound for a more professional and finished look.


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